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No one likes poorly written task descriptions that lack structure, information, and acceptance criteria. is an easy-to-use tool that transforms disorganized, unclear information into clear, actionable tasks with just one click!


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Achieving success becomes much easier when everyone is on the same page. Transforming poorly written, badly formatted tasks from various areas of your business into clear, well-defined, and structured ones can significantly enhance your team's understanding and alignment. This clarity will boost your productivity and ensure that everyone knows exactly what needs to be done.


Somebody creates a bad task description


You use to rewrite it.


Task gets done with no fuss

takes away the pain

Skribr makes it quick and simple to rewrite your task descriptions with a single click using our browser plugin or a quick copy and past using the website!

1. One Click Plugin

Click the button on the edit text input of a task then edit the generated task description to get it just right!

One Click Demo

2. Website

Copy your task description into the website then edit the generated task description to get it just right and copy it back in.

Prompting Demo

Our promise

There are way to many AI tools out there with hidden terms and conditions about your data and how they use it. We are different. All content you upload or generate with is yours and yours alone. We will not access, sell or train our models on your data.

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3. Rewrite

Start using to rewrite your task descriptions. You get 10 free rewrites to try it out and then you can purchase a subscription if you like it (See pricing below).

4. Feedback

We love feedback! If you have any issues, questions or feature requests please get in touch via the support form in the dashboard or by emailing us!

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